Welcome to Clay Dragon Props

Knife on Pillow Welcome to the website of Clay Dragon Props, a Welsh company with over 15 years of prop-making experience.
Clay Dragon has produced work for film, the stage, and for Live Action Role-playing. We will produce almost anything you ask for, merely get in touch with us, Pete Williams and Matt Lees, and we will endeavour to produce a prop which meets your exact needs.

But why don't you look around the site first? We have a number of examples of our work, pictured both in and out of use. Proud of our techniques as well as our finished products, there is also a selection of images detailing the construction process of a number of different pieces; feel free to browse through them and familiarise yourself with what we do.

We have worked on projects as diverse as the recent Charlie and the Chocolate Factory major motion picture, backdrops for travelling Russian ballet troupes, flat-pack buildings for easy transport and storage within a theatre context, and many custom and very unique items of armour, masks, and weapons for use in Live-action Role-playing settings both fantastic and historical. Feel free to talk to us about items you wish made, and we can give you a custom quote for a prop to suit your circumstances. We have many repeat and satisfied customers, and we hope that we can help you join them.